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Join Us For Our Dance Classes

Find our lovely sprung-floor studios in ArtsEd 5 minutes walk from Turnham Green Station (District line).

No Partner Needed

Don’t feel like you need to come with a partner

Regular Rotation

Everyone rotates in class, for better practice

Awesome Community

We love our community just as much as teaching

Studio Classes

All levels take place in
individual dance studios

Progressive Syllabus

Classes are designed to be progressive, never random

Warm & Welcoming

Students are loved &
welcomed to the gang

Words From Our Cali Beaters

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that isn’t answered here? Send us a message on WhatsApp or email us at info@calibeatdance.com

Originating in Cuba in the late 19th century, Salsa is a fusion of various musical and dance elements, including Afro-Cuban rhythms, Spanish melodies, and influences from other Latin American and Caribbean cultures. Salsa evolved over time taking influences from Afro-Cuban rhythms, Mambo & Jazz. Salsa as it’s known today began to take shape in New York where it became the vibrant and dynamic style of today.

Crossbody Salsa is easier to start with and might be best for those that have never danced before. Cali Salsa is harder to start with, but becomes easier with time. Both are fantastic and a lot of fun, and both have a different type of challenge. 

Courses start on the first week of the month. We ask everyone to come 30 minutes earlier on the first week to facilitate registration.

Find start dates here.

You can only turn up on our start dates or on the 2nd week of the month for levels 2 and higher. 

For level 1 please message us on WhatsApp first.

Our courses are £40 per month, or £50 on 5-week months.

And our Changó social is £10 for 1 class + social, or £13 for both classes.

Yes, our Changó Thursday social is always open to drop-ins.

More info on Changó here.

Yes, all our courses are monthly commitments with classes taught each week with the same group.

However our Thursday social Changó has no monthly commitment.

If you know in advance you are on holiday or can’t make a specific week, let us know and we can try to accommodate. 

Otherwise, we don’t offer any change in price if you can’t make a class.

If a month has 5 weeks, then the price would be £50 instead of £40. Similarly, for January and December 2-week courses, prices would be £20 instead of £40.

All students will be evaluated on registration to assess for the right level.

We don’t offer any trials or drop-in sessions for our courses.

However our Changó night at the Hogarth Club is always open to drop-ins.

Yes, we have plenty of students who do both.

We have an offer to join both courses for £70, instead of £80.

LA Crossbody style salsa, also known as ‘LA Style,’ is a dynamic and popular form of salsa dancing that originated in Los Angeles, California. It is characterised by its linear movements, where partners dance in a slot rather than in a circular motion. This style emphasises strong leads and clear communication between partners, allowing for intricate turn patterns and impressive footwork. LA Style salsa is known for its energetic and flashy flair, making it a favourite in social dance scenes around the world.

Colombian Cali Style Salsa, hailing from the vibrant city of Cali, is a spirited and infectious form of salsa dancing that embodies the exuberance of Colombian culture. It’s characterised by its swift footwork, intricate partner work, and vibrant, fast-paced music. Dancers often showcase a dynamic connection, with rapid spins and intricate patterns that demand precision and skill. This style places a strong emphasis on intricate footwork, creating a visually stunning and highly energetic performance.

We absolutely love our students, so much so that you’ll be welcomed with that Cali Beat love as soon as you arrive! Our Salsa classes in London aim to find the perfect balance between an easy-going let’s all have fun attitude, to a serious let’s all become the best dancers in the world class ethic. Expect high energy, patient teachers, and a lot of fun.

No, all couples rotate so you’ll have a chance to dance with everyone.

For level 1, wear what you feel comfortable in and try to avoid very grippy shoes. For level 2 and above, we recommend both leaders and followers start moving to dance shoes.