Thursday Salsa & Bachata London

Thursday Night Party In Chiswick

Join us every Thursday for Salsa & Bachata classes as well as social dancing at the Hogarth Club! 

Thursday Salsa London - Chango - Cali Beat Dance

Changó is our Thursday night party embodying the authentic Latin spirit & sounds

Named after the Yoruba god of Dance & Vitality, Changó is our first social hosted by the Cali Beat Dance team. Comprising of a beautiful indoor and outdoor space, a bar selling popular drinks as well as smoothies, and playing 100% authentic Salsa & Bachata records, we aim to bring the authentic spirit of Latin America to West London.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question that isn’t answered here? Send us a message on WhatsApp or email us at info@calibeatdance.com

You can only turn up on our start dates or on the 2nd week of the month for levels 2 and higher. 

For level 1 please message us on WhatsApp first.

Yes, our Changó Thursday social is always open to drop-ins.

More info on Changó here.

Yes, all our courses are monthly commitments with classes taught each week with the same group.

However our Thursday social Changó has no monthly commitment.

No, all couples rotate so you’ll have a chance to dance with everyone.

For level 1, wear what you feel comfortable in and try to avoid very grippy shoes. For level 2 and above, we recommend both leaders and followers start moving to dance shoes. 

Got a Question?

Send us a WhatsApp or email us at info@calibeatdance.com